Email Marketing is Difficult – 4

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Delightful Emails – Email Marketing Made Easy

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Truth #3:

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It Is EASY To Write An Email

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“What if it wasn’t true?”

“What if it wasn’t true?” is one of my favorite maxims to live by.

I first discovered it with webinars. Frustrated by the regular webinar experience: inconvenient time of day, 2 hours long, first 30 minutes being pre-amble, last 45 minutes being hard pitch …

I found myself resistant to delivering webinars.

I just didn’t see myself as somebody who could – in good faith – subject my prospects to the same experience that I had every single time I registered for an online presentation.

I brought it up with my coach at the time.

I said “I’m just not a webinar person.”

My coach dug a bit deeper and asked why not.

“Because they suck,” I said.

“Right,” she said. “And what if that wasn’t true?“

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  • What if they weren’t at an inconvenient time of day?
  • What if they didn’t last two hours?
  • What if you jumped straight to the meat and avoided all the warm-up?
  • What if there was no hard sell?
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“What if you delivered your sales presentations online the same way that you delivered your sales presentations in person?”

And … BOOM.

I saw the light!

Just because other people do something one way … just because most people do something one way … doesn’t mean that YOU have to do it like that.

(My webinars now kick ass, by the way. They’re fun and quick and highly effective.)

Which brings us back to emails.

Do YOU know how to write an EFFECTIVE email?


Since you first sat down at a computer to compose your very first email on your Yahoo or Hotmail or AOL account, you have successfully communicated, and negotiated, and bought and sold and corresponded with other people.

Writing emails is SECOND NATURE to you.

You’ve been doing it for YEARS. You probably spend hours every day inside of your email account, successfully and effectively making business happen with other people who you know and who you don’t know without thinking about it for even a second.

But email marketing looks and feels different.

For example, you use a different interface – your MailChimp or Aweber or Drip or Convertkit or ActiveCampaign or Infusionsoft account – instead of your Gmail account.

You are writing to lots of people at once, instead of to just one person.

You don’t know these people, probably, and you’re curious (possibly afraid) of how they’re going to judge you.

You spend hours fretting over subject lines and calls-to-action and opening paragraphs because you’re obsessing over open rates and click-through rates and deliverability.

And so you forget that you know – PERFECTLY WELL – how to write a serviceable email.

Consequently the act of email marketing (as opposed to “writing an email”) becomes stressful and ineffective.

So what if that wasn’t true?

Because it doesn’t have to be.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”de-section-text bold”]

The Anatomy Of An Effective Email

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”de-section-text”]An effective email, whether you’re writing it to one person or to 20,000 people, communicates something that you want to communicate.

It’s made up of a greeting (A):

  • “Hello”

an ask, or a call-to-action, or a conclusion of some type (C):

  • “Click here to find out more”

and some context (B):

  • “I’m holding a small group workshop on how to manage your business finances. You’ll learn how to keep more of the money that you earn.”

Put them in the right order, add a subject line and you’ve got a perfectly effective, straightforward and very, very simple to write email:
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SUBJECT: Class about finances

(A) Hello!

(B) I’m holding a small group workshop on how to manage your business finances. You’ll learn how to keep more of the money that you earn.

(C) Click here to find out more



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You do NOT need to use all caps.

You do NOT need to “study copywriting”.

You do NOT need to sweat blood.

You just need to KNOW that writing an email is EASY, and that you already do it MULTIPLE times a day.

But effective is only HALF the battle.

You’ve got to make them DELIGHTFUL if your prospects are going to KEEP opening your emails.

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If we don’t know each other yet, then hi!

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I’m Matthew Kimberley.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text el_class=”de-section-text”]I do some things quite well, many things very badly, and one thing exceptionally well: emails.

I’ve been teaching email writing accidentally for a long time. It used to be a party trick at my Book Yourself Solid workshops (I used to run the Book Yourself Solid School of Coach Training).

I’d write an email in real time, on the fly, using random words thrown at me by the audience.

And while my audience was impressed at how quickly I could piece an email together …

… they were gobsmacked at how quickly THEY were able to do exactly the same thing.

It’s truly one of the most POWERFUL skills you can (very quickly) master.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][/vc_section][vc_row el_class=”de-section”][vc_column][vc_column_text el_class=”de-section-text”]

Being able to confidently and quickly write delightful, humorous and engaging emails on the fly puts you in control your own destiny and income.

You’re not dependent on anybody else’s platform and you drive your customer acquisition costs down to the bare minimum.

It’s such an important skill I committed to giving it to more people.

In 2016, I ran a one-off, 90 minute masterclass on crafting truly delightful emails, the kind of emails that STAND OUT in your inbox, the kind of emails that your correspondents ACTIVELY look forward to receiving, the kind of emails that get people to spontaneously write back to you, and buy your offer, over and over again.

The participants LOVED it, and begged for more.

So since then, I’ve delivered extended versions of it in workshops, both for my own clients and at the invitation of some of my friends.

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  • Todd Herman’s Basecamp clients got a private in-person email seminar from me in New York in January 2018. Todd is the author of the hyper-bestselling Alter Ego Effect.
  • Dale Beaumont’s Business Blueprint clients got a private in-person email seminar from me in Sydney in November 2017. Dale runs the largest business training company in Australia.
  • Taki Moore’s BlackBelt clients got a private in-person email seminar from me in Los Angeles in July 2016, (and again in March 2019). Taki is the author of Million Dollar Coach and helped 100+ business coaches get to seven figures in 2018.
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In summer 2018 I delivered a 9-hour over 3 weeks online masterclass, at considerable investment, to an initial cohort of 60 people.

Feedback was off the charts. They loved it.

So I improved it, added resources and got one of the world’s leading instructional designers to put together workbooks and learning guides.

Curious about what goes into a Delightful Email? Want to know how you WILL be writing better and easier and more effective emails by this time next week? Want the blueprint?

Every now and again, when interest is sufficient, I host a one-hour masterclass that is GUARANTEED to solve your most burning email issues. Plus, you’ll start to get my own delightful emails in your inbox … 

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